About Elle

Elle Tara is an Intuitive Spiritual Coach on News for the Soul Radio. As part of this Special programming, she’s part of a free radio resource that serves hundreds of thousands of people each month!

Elle is the President of Enlightenment in the City Enterprises. With over a decade of different formal and off the beaten Path Enlightenment and Self Development trainings under her belt to understand more about the Truth of life, she has gained much Clarity and Insight on how to work Spirituality in today’s world! Her endorsement from the President of an International Enlightenment Training company praises her profound compassion, insight and clarity as she has used these Teachings to serve in the public domain. Past Enlightenment columns, Public Speaking talks, a Satsang for Girls program, a Webinar for Using What’s Real in Spirituality as well as her current stint on News for the Soul Radio and private Intuitive Reading sessions for Clients, have given her the experience that you need.

For many years Elle has been driven to support humanity by bringing Awareness in to People’s Lives. A lifelong ability to identify People’s behavioral Patterns, led to a vow made in her early Teenage Years that she was going to be here to help People learn. Decades later Elle’s desire to Support and Empower Humanity, has led to a lifelong Path calling. When she finally discovered what her Life’s Journey had meant to bring her to–which was a Life of Service–she felt like she had come “home”.

There are many Beautiful People that exist in this world. And Elle wants to support you in being the best that you can be. After changing her Life to a Lifelong dedication to Truth, Wisdom and Understanding, she is often astonished and grateful at how much better Life can be.

In service with love,
~*~*~*~Elle Yew Yh Hosho Tara
To book an appointment call or e-mail:
Surrey, B.C. Canada

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