Satyen Raja

President WarriorSage Trainings Inc.:

If you are looking for someone to help open and heal your Heart beyond its tiredness and restrictions, then you have found the right person in Elle.

She has deep and profound compassion, insight and clarity.

Because she has courageously worked on herself and knows all the places where one can hide from their own freedom, she can certainly help you navigate a path of real inner freedom and love that will harness your full potential and happiness.

Enjoy your work with one who truly has a Heart of Gold and the power of genuine help.

Geoffrey West

News anchor at Cosmic Vision News and Visionary Consultant. Galactic, Global and Inner Peace/Healing at A Greenprint For LIFE. Lecturer/Facilitator. LIFE Counsellor

Today’s world is even more complicated than awakening people realized. There are beautiful souls and healers who specialize in very specific types of healing and assistance, and when used honourably have the potential to help many. Sadly, spirituality and healing have become fragmented with people seeking to capitalize on a growing market. People desperate to hear ‘truth’ or experience ‘miraculous’ healing, instantly receive spiritual insights and wisdom and go back to stressful living without integrating the crucial elements of LIFE! Elle is a rare worker, a heart-oriented soul grounded in love who bridges numerous topics to support people in empowering their self, to see patterns in living and awakening to a much larger picture that is taking place at this time! Elle is able to support souls with a gentleness, humility and humour matched with grand wisdom. Peace must be supported from the only place where it can truly begin — from within!

Elle’s work with the Divine Feminine energies gains respect from both women and the Divine Masculine. Men are grateful and willing to open from the changes within their partners! Elle brings you to and out of yourself, to find different levels that have the potential to break bonds of all situations. Blessings to you, Elle for the gift you are bringing to the world and to humanity at this time!

Namaste, peace and love to you and all around you!

Bobbie K

During my second session I was able to break through blockages I had been struggling against for years.

Three weeks after that I found that I wanted to eat less and be more active. Suddenly I have several dates–and have been turning down some as well.

I am being more true to my self and as an added bonus dropped 10 pounds that I didn’t put extra energy into achieving.

Bobby P

From the moment we met, Elle recognized systems and habits within myself things that I couldn’t understand alone. Her advice and her ideas were epiphanies to me, and I enjoyed her objective point of view. I encourage anyone who just doesn’t “get it” to talk to Elle and see what you simply can’t see for yourself. Thanks Elle, I very much appreciate the perspective, and I can say with confidence that your insights have changed the way I see my self and my world. Thanks again.

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