Elle Yew Yh Hosho Tara is honored to have been a Spiritual Coach and Intuitive Reader on News for the Soul Radio for over 3 1/2 years!

With over a decade of studying and training, Elle has had Amazing Real Life Spiritual Transformations and wants to help you. As an Expert in her field, she’s had a lot of experience in working with Clients just like you!

Elle Understands what it takes to get ahead with the Spiritual challenges and emotional pitfalls that can happen in one’s Life.

Her philosophy is simple: Keep it Real, Keep it Straightforward and Keep it with Heart.

Elle works wonderfully with people who are very Open to things going far beyond the everyday. She Loves People who can be Open about who they are and is extremely Understanding about things that Others may fail to get.

Want to be a Client?

Callers, Fans and Clients who get the most out of a session with Elle usually have a few of these traits:

  • You are Open and want the Answers to make Real Changes in your Life.
  • You want a Reader you can Trust. You don’t Trust the airy Fairy fluff, and you want someone who will give you the Truth in a way you can Understand.
  • You like to keep things Real.
  • You want to hear and know the effects of the Choices you are considering in your Life.
  • You want to know what actions to take, to change the outcomes you feel you keep getting.
  • Knowing the motives of those around you and Understanding why they are doing the things they do would help you heal, move on or have closure.
  • You want someone who’s going to Serve you best. You want someone who will be a direct, clean and clear communicator with the Spirits and what they want for you to support your being in your highest potential.
  • You are looking for practical solutions and exercises that will have you accomplish what you wish to succeed.
  • You want to know how to do all of this while living your Life from a place that feels Real for you.

Benefits You Will Experience

  • Having a Safe Space. Elle will give you the Truth.
  • You can tell Elle the Truth about who you are. You’ll get someone you’ve always wanted to “tell all that crazy stuff to”, who Understands what you mean and can show you how to use it to Serve your Highest Potential and your Path further.
  • The process is to bring you Deeper into who you are in a way that Serves you more.
  • Learn how to find ways to be a part of things, in a way that Serves you from the Being of who you are.
  • If you have an out of the box personality, learn how to use it in a way that works for you.
  • Learn how to Open your heart further in a way that supports letting go of any pain.
  • Get new Real Life actions and Exercises that make Life work better.
  • Increase healthy boundaries. Take care of your Self in a way that works.
  • Learn how to be of high value in people’s life. You’ll practice and discover ways of being that will have people want to support you, just because you’re YOU!
  • Discover how to use your Gifts to serve you in the world. Past problems and desires can actually be a key to learning how to using your Gifts well.
  • Learn how to kindly and lovingly go beyond the games and rules of society so you win and thrive!

Elle firmly believes that anything is possible to achieve. We just have to know how.

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