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What does someone who is looking for an Intuitive empowering hand, need for the next phase of their life?  You want an Intuitive Reading along with knowing how to work such factors in your Life best with someone who has already had their own Amazing Real Life Spiritual and everyday Life change, who's had over 10 years of Enlightenment and Self Development Training, and who's an Expert in her field.  As an Intuitive Spiritual Coach on News for the Soul Radio for over two and a half years I've had a lot of experience in supporting Clients just like you, with what you need to know!

I'm a right fit for you if at least a few of the following apply to you:

  • You are open and ready to make changes in your life. 
  • Sometimes you can be so open and see so many different ways of thinking, it can be hard to know where to start first or who to let in to serve you best in Life.  You want some support in Teaching you how to Improve Life for your Self, so the ideas you Learn or what your Guides transmit to you in Session, continue to Serve you long after our Reading.
  • You want a Reader One can Trust.  Everything that happens in a reading is Confidential.
  • You want to know your Guides Opinion on the subjects, and the effects of Choices your considering in your Life.
  • You want someone who is loving, compassionate and caring in your life, who can still say things to you straight so you finally understand what is going on.
  •  You want to quit having your heart broken by chasing the “wrong man” or by a woman who's going to be nasty down the road. 
  • You want to know when walking into a new situation, if you're going to have the same issues all over again.  You want  to know what will happen to you energetically if you take this new job.
  • You want someone who will tell you what your Guides want you to know, who will Translate or do what they ask, according to what Serves you Best.  You want someone you can Trust to be a pure and direct communicator. 
  • You want some Guidance in figuring out what to do next in Life, along with some solutions and Spiritual Practice Exercises to have that Process go much easier.
  • You’d like to be more Authentic and speak your Truth more, and want to use “being you” to make life easier.   You want someone who's going to support that process.
  • You’re ready to take the next steps forward.

We’d be a match if:

  • You want someone you can trust to be honest with you.  You want to know what’s really going on and wish that people would give you the Truth. 
  • You want a safe place where you can say what’s going on for you, where you can OWN your Truth about who you are as a person.  You don't want to have to limit or put your Self down to "not appear conceited".  You want someone who can see your good stuff too, then support you in Learning where and how to use it,so you can be your Best and Amazing Fabulous Self.
  • You want someone you can tell all that “crazy stuff” to that other people don’t seem to get.  You want to know you'll be accepted in your Knowledge so you can fully explain what's going on, so you can have REAL Understanding of what's happening in your Life. 
  • You want to feel like you’re a part of things, to feel connections with other people, from a place of being strong in whom you are.  You want support in Understanding how to use your Discretion the best or you're so burnt out you'd like to stay away from people.  You want to be one of those people who easily gains respect from those around you. 

I love to work with Women and Men who:

  • Are open.
  • Have personalities that fit outside of everyday society.  You are highly loving even if you have trouble expressing it outwardly or even if you were like that long ago and you forget how to be like that now.
  • Have a soft side or did in the past, that can show sometimes or you’ve got a hard time letting it out because you’re afraid you’ll be hurt if you use it.
  • Get hurt easily and too much because you care so much and so deeply. 
  • You wish more people saw you for who you really are!
  • Have trouble finding information, Teachings and Teachers who suits you best, as you can be so open.  You may be wanting Opinions on what Teachers are right to work with you.

I want you to resolve and break through any blockages you have in attaining the Life of your Dreams.  This resolution happens in 3 main steps:
  1. Know who you are, what you are about and what other people in society are about.
  2. Express that—with healthy boundaries--and put your life into action with resolution of what you wish to move through.
  3. Knowing how to use who you are, to Give your Gifts and use that in service to the world.

I want to support you, to having the Life of your Dreams!

The benefits of working with me:

  • Learn how to be MORE AUTHENTIC and CELEBRATED in your expression of Self.
  • Create incredibly closely bonded friendships and if you are single, have more people want to go long term romantically with you.
  • Learn how to be of high value in people’s life, while being who you are.  You’ll practice and discover ways of being that will have people want to support you, just because you’re YOU! 
  • Find out if the person you're dating is going to be Amazing for you long term.
  • Find out what is blocking the romance from coming in!
  • Find out the effects of your Choices in advance, and how to properly and healthily stand your ground. 
  • Learn how to go beyond the games and rules of society so you win and beyond that thrive!  Become a Leader in Society because when you know how to Win by being yourself, you become an automatic leader.  Everybody wants to live that dream.  When you have that secret worked out, life falls into place.
  • Find out what your Guides want you to know, what they are trying to Teach, Guide you towards or show you, as they try to support you in fulfilling your Ultimate Life!
  • You want to know what you can do to change a Relationship around or if it's time to move on.
  • Discover your gifts and beyond that how to use them to serve you in the world.  A lot of your past problems and desires can hold the key to what your True calling is!

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~*~*~*Elle Tara
Surrey, B.C. Canada

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